Idaho Environmental Health Association

A nonprofit professional and educational organization for individuals who work to
control environmental health hazards and promote healthful environmental conditions.


Audit Committee - Appointed at general business meetings by President to audit finances.

Awards Committee - Solicits nominations for field and administrative EHS of the year; selects award recipients; prepares award plaques for presentation at the annual meeting; maintains the selection criteria rating sheet.

Budget Committee - Prepares a tentative budget (i.e., coordinate finances, produce reports, maintain accounting, etc.); explores possible sources of income, including training grants; includes provisions for funding continuing education; makes provisions to print the Digest, obtain supplies, send a delegate or delegation to national conferences, and pay per diem, if any, for attendance at Executive Council meetings.

Constitution and By-Laws Committee - Updates the Constitution and Bylaws pursuant to each change approved at the annual meeting; distributes current copies to all active members of IEHA.

Legislative Committee - Keeps informed of all proposed legislation which may affect the Association or its membership; Informs the President (and executive council) of such proposals;  prepares a report to be presented at the annual meeting.

Membership Committee - Solicits membership from government, industry, students, related associations, the private sector, and registered EHS's in the state; prepares prospective member information packets; prepares new member information packets; prints a membership directory for distribution to IEHA members.

Nominations and Elections Committee - Notifies the general membership of their nomination for each (elected) office 30 days before the annual meeting; solicits members for IEHA positions, coordinates election process, etc.

Professional Promotion Committee - Promote IEHA and links with other associations; Promotes REHS licensure; investigates professional opportunities for IEHA members; assists the Membership Committee with their duties; establishs and maintains a central clearing house for EHS stamps or embossers; encourage EHS's to use them on approved plans and other documents.

Program and Education Committee - Sets up the education program for the annual conference; investigates avenues of continuing education; submits presentation abstracts to the editor of the Digest.

Digest Editor - Proceedings of the annual conference will be included in the newsletter prior to the conference; the newsletter will also contain minutes of the Executive Council, audit reports, a treasurer's report and other reports as determined by the Editorial Board and Executive Council; the Treasurer's report will cover the entire period since the last published report; the newsletter will be called the DIGEST.  The newsletter will be e-mailed to all members quarterly.  There can smaller newsletters sent in between if there is sufficent need.


2016-2018 Committee Chairs

Tyler Fortunati, Program & Education Committee

Vacant, Legislative Committee

Tyler Fortunati, Constitution & By-laws Committee

Vacant - Professional Promotion & Membership Committee

Jeff Batten, Audit Committee

Kevin Branch, Budget Committee

Vacant, Awards Committee

Vacant - Nominations & Elections

Jami Delmore - Digest Editor (newsletter) & Website Updates


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